Christine Crawford
Watercolour Artist, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Hello Christine! It was very nice meeting you & especially Lola last week outside of MyChosen cafe. I took a look at your beautiful & outstanding artwork & thought, you can paint my beautiful Daschund Isabella anytime! Best wishes & have a safe & healthy 2022!
Rhonda - 13 Jan 2022
Appreciating your talent and seeing glimmers in a few of my grandkids. So special! What’s in the genes is mysterious.
Katherine Franklin Fauteux - 11 Sep 2020
Just browsing your website. Your paintings are beautiful and so realistic. Love your work.
Lois Kissinger - 25 Feb 2020
Chris, your work is amazing! You are so talented and I so enjoyed looking at all of your work. Keep on going
Judi Loy - 25 Feb 2020
Hi Chris - time for a hangar party. When's it on???? You sold Max and I would have bought it. I'll get you to paint my kitty for me if you can do it in your spare time. love Donna
Donna Gibbs - 18 Apr 2018
Christine - I just viewed your website and really enjoyed your watercolour paintings! You do wonderful vibrant work! It was also nice to meet you this evening and I look forward to seeing you again. Regards Maureen
Maureen Ness - 16 Feb 2017
Beautiful website Chris - congratulations! I'm a big fan of your art.
Peggy Acomba - 7 Aug 2016
Lovely site! The paintings are outstanding!
Lloyd Loisel - 23 Jun 2016
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